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Plant Health Care

Forest To Shore uses the practice of integrated pest management (IPM) to manage insects and diseases.  This approach uses cultural practices of proper pruning, site selection, and soil amendment when called for to aid in healthy plant growth.  We use only reduced risk pesticides relying on organic products whenever possible.

Our arborists are familiar with regional insect and disease pests including  invasive pests such as Browntail Moth, Hemlock Woolly Adelgid or Emerald Ash Borer.  Our treatments are made in a timely manner using naturally based, reduced risk products.  Treatments suppress pests in an environmentally sustainable manner to protect beneficials and the environment.    

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Proper Pruning

Proper pruning of both trees and shrubs is the cultural practice of removing dead, dieing, or diseased limbs.  Structural pruning encourages a strong branch framework and aesthetically pleasing canopy.  Pruning can encourage fruit and flower production and reduce the effects of storm damage by removing or reducing weak or poorly attached limbs, crossing/rubbing branches, and thinning of the canopy to reduce the sail effect.  

Shoreland Zone Consultation

Forest to Shore staff understand current Maine shoreland zone standards related to tree pruning and removal.  Each Town may have its own set of standards.  Our staff works with local Code Enforcement Officers (CEO's) on a regular basis.   We provide the stand alone service of grid layout, points tally, tree selection and plan submittal.  Our arborists regularly work within the shoreland zone to prune and remove trees.  Maine DEP Standards Click Here
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Invasive Plant Management

Our staff are able to identify the invasive plants commonly found in Maine. Invasive plants displace Native plant species.  Studies have shown invasive plants create micro environments where Black Legged ticks (Deer Ticks) and mosquitoes thrive.  Heavy infestations impede the ability of Native plants to regenerate the forest while creating an unhealthy monotype.  Our approach uses cultural and chemical control methods to responsibly manage these non-Native invaders.  Forest to Shore is recognized as an Eligible Invasive Plant Control Practice Plan Preparer by the Maine Forest Service.

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